miércoles, 30 de enero de 2013

I've got a good story! Would you like to listen to it?

During the current term, in the Trilingual English classes we are working with tales, biographies and comics. But, to open mouth, it is a good idea to start with some word games.
After describing some images of classical tales frozen on the stage...

...we played the funny game "Sausage" - they forget they are shy and afraid of speaking- and then, in a three/four-people team, they were given the beginning of a sentence and started a story.

 They wrote the next line and passed the paper to another team to go on with the story.

These were the beginnings:

- I've got a good story. Would ypu like to listen to it?
- Oh, it's so boring. What can we do?

Next day we'll see if they are imaginative enough as to present a good story.

martes, 22 de enero de 2013

2nd Term, 2nd week

"The teacher has told us that we have to prepair a computer project for this term: The diary!!!

But how can we make a virtual diary?
Then, he has shown us some examples from last year; from the simplest one to the best one full with especial effects and music.

We wanted to know more about it as it is a bit difficult.

       We have also played some games. On this occassion we have played with adjetives. He has given us 5 adjetives dealing with emotions in order to create characters: kind - cruel - aggressive - sensitive -and inquisitive. It's been very funny, especially at the beginning because nobody knew how to start. But litttle by little... we have lost our fears."

lunes, 21 de enero de 2013

Funny School Times, an interview and "Like a Little Bird"

In the current video we can watch the students performing the sketch "Class with the new teacher", learning how to carry out an interview and singing the song "Like a Little Bird" in a choreography of their own.

sábado, 19 de enero de 2013

New Term: Self-Assessment

We finished last year's last term performing Funny School Times - 1;

but we did't have time to watch the recorded video and to make a review. That's why in the first class of the first week of the New Year, Drama students have watched their performance and  self-assessed.

Self-assessment: Cooperative Group Work

Name: ______________________________________________Date: ______________
Activity: 1ST Evaluation Play

Circle the word that best describes your level of participation and cooperation.
1.      I respect the class at the rehearsals
not at all          rarely           sometimes        often
2.      I am a disciplined person
not at all          rarely           sometimes        often
3.      I make an effort at the rehearsals in class
not at all          rarely           sometimes        often
4.      I cooperate with the teacher to do well in the class
not at all          rarely           sometimes        often
5.      I respect the teacher obeying his rules
not at all          rarely           sometimes        often
6.      I offer my opinion on the proper time
not at all        rarely         sometimes        often
7.      I listen to the other group members and help them
not at all            rarely        sometimes         often
8.      I encourage others to participate.
not at all         rarely        sometimes         often
9.      What I liked best about working with this group:
10.  What gave me the most difficulty when working with this group:

But time at Drama classes is not always so serious. 
There is always time for games. On this occassion, we celebrated the New Year, or their first performance, with a well-known game: 
The Orchestra

They also improvised some images. A student came out at the class front, imagined an object (a tree, for instance) and a group of five or six completed different actions around the tree.